Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Welcome to the first official post from The Green Room, the blog for all things Campus West, Hawthorne Theatre and RollerCity.

There, that's the formal stuff out of the way. You won't get much more of that.

What the Green Room hopes to do is give a sneak peek behind the workings of a local theatre - possibly interviewing staff, or customers, or posting little films that may refer to things we have on (or not - if we see something and think it should be shared, we'll put it up here. Even if it is a bit left field). What we hope to do is give you a taste of the people and the atmosphere that goes into making us a unique local resource. And, of course, we'd like your comments - not necessarily about what is on at the theatre, but about anything you think we (or our readers) would like to hear about.

So there you go. Come back on a regular basis and see what we've got for you. Bookmark us, if you feel so inclined.

But for now, and because this is the internet after all, here's a cute talking dog...