Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Many Faces of Love

So... Gordon Ramsay, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Grant, Simon Cowell and Chris Evans. What do they all have in common?

Well, according to our Valentine's Day Beau Board, a combination of all the above holds the key to one woman's heart. As she puts it, "Food to die for, beauty, an older man, charm, money and humour all rolled into one!" (I knew Simon Cowell had to be in there for some reason - of course, money!).

The Beau Board spent the day in the Foyer of the Hawthorne Theatre on February 14th and anyone who wanted to could answer the question, My True Love Would Be...? Amazingly, we got a lot of answers and from all age groups. The youngest entries all seemed to focus on the same thing - their family. Often their were whole lists of family members (and pets!), or statements like "I love my family and cousins because they love me and I love my Mum, Dad and brother the most". All together now... aw!

As the respondents got older, however, the comforts of home and hearth gave way to more specific ideas. Sometimes they gave away more about the writer than the subject - "I like my boyfriends because they are always smart and kind" - and sometimes they seemed strangely precise - "Riding very fast on my scooter, sucking my thumb".

A few stars raised their heads: one person wanted "a mix of Suggs, Bruce Willis and Tommy Walsh" as their ideal (I can't help feeling DIY was preying on their mind at the time), whereas someone else would happily settle for Daniel Craig and yet another wanted Ryan Gosling. Another respondent - it must have been an inside job - just posted a picture of Cheryl Cole onto his form.

At least one entry may have been setting his sights a little high: "Having Mozart play his Clarinet Concerto followed by Tomaso Albinoni playing the Adagio in G Minor; watching Leonardo da Vinci complete the Mona Lisa; walking on the lost world of Atlantis; being in the cockpit with the Wright Brothers; and an audience with the founders of all religions".
Really? And not World Peace?

But the last word goes to a lady whose true love would be "my girls, Lola and Poppy. Oh, and the Arsenal". And then, tacked on the end, the words: "and my husband"...