Monday, 21 October 2013

Review of Blue Orange's Treasure Island - Friday 18 October

Tracey Hamilton, Hawthorne Theatre Reviewer

So managed to hobble my way to the Hawthorne Theatre last night and watch Treasure Island, an adaption of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel by Eric Gracey. 

The show was performed by The Blue Orange Theatre.  Its been a long time since I read the book but Long John Silver is a big memory! When we first entered the Theatre, the cast were already on stage playing guitar and accordion. The story is based around characters such as Jim Hawkins (played by a female) Billy Bones and Long John Silver and starts off at The Admiral Benbow Inn. 

The cast of 5 played their parts and they certainly played many different characters, extremely well with different accents and with lots of enthusiasm, Jim Hawkins mother was played by a male, very convincing! 

Billy Bones gives Jim his book and scarf which has the Treasure Map on so Jim sets off with Dr Livesey and crew by ship to see if they can find it. Aboard the ship, Jim meets Long John Silver. Loved how there was a tinkling of chimes when Treasure was mentioned Plenty of pirate fighting and singing were also part of the show, special effects with thunder and lightening, slow motion action and had to feel sorry for one chap who was killed off several times! 

Highlights of the show include the weeping willow trees and when Jim Hawkins met Ben Gunn, totally crazy and bouncing around the stage and into the audience!! A great performance and would certainly recommend people to see future shows at our local theatre.

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