Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review of Snow White - Sunday 13 October

Johnny Tait, Writer/Director/Performer

How do you get your children to sit quietly in order for you to be able to sit back and enjoy a show?

Visitors to The Hawthorne Theatre  will know the answer to that.
Take them along to see a production from The Vienna Festival Ballet.
With their colourful costumes and excellent choreography performed by a talented enthusiastic cast. Set to a story-line that is both entertaining and easy to follow, we have a show that will enthrall audiences of all ages.

We have all seen Snow White performed, as a pantomime and as an animated film.
But seeing this classic tale come to life in the form of a ballet has to be the most enjoyable and spectacular way of viewing it.

In this version the Queen is obsessed with her own beauty and gazes into the enchanted mirror every day, which informs her that she is the fairest of them all.
One evening a party is being held at the castle for the Queen, and as she is dancing with the huntsman who I suspect the Queens as an eye for, when in dances the beautiful Snow White who bears an uncanny resemblance to Laura Spencer. Immediately the huntsman falls for Snow White, much to the envy of the Queen.

 Later that evening the Queen returns to the mirror but it is not her own reflection she sees but that of the beauty Snow White, she wants to do away with her, so Snow White heads off to the woods to hide, and resides at the home of the seven dwarves. 

The Queen decides to mix a lethal potion and whilst she is doing so the routine and the costume's worn by the dancers tell us that the potion she drops the apple into will be deadly. 
Snow White takes a bite from the apple and falls into a deep sleep, but one kiss from the handsome huntsman and she immediately wakes. And in true tradition they all live happily ever after. 

How can children and adults alike follow the story-line? Do we have narration? No it is not nessarsary, every scene in this production is so well presented with costumes and dance that they never need narration. The entire show was captivating from start to finish but for me the highlight was the seven dwarve's, which was both original and amusing. The Hawthorne theatre or Campus West as some people still call it have been presenting top class family shows, and in the run up to (Dare I say the see C word Christmas) have lined up top quality entertainment for the whole family. And if you were unfortunate to have missed The Vienna Festival Ballet company keep an eye on the theatres events programe as they will be tip toeing back in March with their production of Cinderella.

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