Monday, 28 October 2013

Review of Teddy Time - Sunday 27 October

Mary Barton, Hawthorne Theatre Reviewer

We took our 4 year old twins to see teddy time, firstly lilly is a likeable person and the kids could really interact with her and they felt comfortable too,

The 2 stories lilly told were ones all the children knew so it made them feel like they was part of the story and they could follow along with it too,

The moving teddy lilly had and the magical wardrobe the kids loved it, made it all feel very magical.

Costumes were good, the children was a little unsure with the wolf at first but after some silly dances they were fine with it.

I asked the children what they thought and replied with "lilly has a beautiful voice and magical teddy's and what to watch it again".

Duration was perfect the children were interacting so much they didn't have time to get bored.

All in all we give teddy time a 10/10 happy face's of all the children coming out and would take the kids to see it again.

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  1. My personal opinion is that this character is incredibly popular with each of our children because he is very small and incredibly cute.