Friday, 1 November 2013

Review of Theo the Mouse - Wednesday 30 October

Kim Cutbill, Hawthorne Theatre Reviewer

I went to see this production with my five year old and my friend with her daughter and had a very enjoyable time. I found it was very child friendly and had some adult humour in it too. Did make me laugh and my child had fun too. They got the audience to join in with the singing and dancing and really in-cadged the crowd. I would highly recommend taking children to this show and I think it would suit children from 2 to 8 yrs but then again I enjoyed it.The set was simple but worked as there wasn't to much going on,and I think the timings were about right for younger children. I liked that they got children from the audience to come up on stage and gave out prizes they seemed to be very comfortable. I would definatly like to take my children to see this type of show again.

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  1. This is just the right age audience for my son, so I am sure that he will enjoy this show.